What’s your challenge?

What’s your challenge?

A few weeks ago, Andy posted a great article on our Facebook page about the challenges we set ourselves. He asked for you to let us, at Ocean, know about your challenges, so I thought I’d start the ball rolling and tell you about mine.

Challenges are massively personal, and I don’t think you can compare one challenge to another. It depends on so much. I have run a couple of marathons in my past, and while I know how tough they are I wanted to really take myself out of my comfort zone. It had to be bigger!

So in May I have decided to “run” 130 miles of the beautiful South West Coastal Path. I start on May 14th from Admirals Hard in Plymouth and finish on May 18th in Lyme Regis. Thus covering the whole of the South Devon coastline. The aim is to complete the distance in five days.

There are three big motivating factors for me. The first is a purely selfish desire to see the coastal path. The thought is that running it is a good way to see a lot of it in one go! The second motivation is the looming of a significant birthday! Mid life crisis type thing? Yes….Maybe!

The final and biggest motivator is to raise money for charity. It’s been a good few years since my last big charity event, so I felt it was about time. I’ve chosen to support two charities for different reasons. There are so many good charities out there, but I’ve chosen MNDA and Anxiety UK for personal reasons.
My Grandad died of MNDA 39 years ago, so unfortunately I never got to know the amazing man everyone says he was. So for me, that was an easy charity to support.
My second charity is a charity that offers support to people suffering with a lesser talked about strand of mental health. So many people suffer silently with anxiety, and AnxietyUK are doing great work to try and raise the awareness of what can be a really debilitating condition.

I’ve been writing a blog about my challenge so if you’d like to read more about what I am doing, or to donate, here is the link www.plymtolym130.net.

Don’t forget to let us know about your challenges!

Amy Blythe
Sports Massage Therapist
Ocean Physio & Rehab