Helen Hodgins


Helen Hodgins MSc DPodM PGDip MHCPC
Senior Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist
Over 30 years experience
Specialist in foot biomechanics and injury management
Orthotic Provision
Foot pain
Children’s foot problems
Helen qualified with distinctions from the Plymouth School of Podiatry which is now part of Plymouth university.
She has previous experience in the NHS sector and gained experience across a wide field including Diabetes, Nail Surgery, Biomechanics and Gait Analysis. .
Helen gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Injuries in 1998 from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Masters Degree in Podiatric Biomechanics in 2008 from Staffordshire university.
A natural development was a publication of an article in the peer reviewed journal Gait and Posture.
Helen’s core belief is to provide treatment that is scientific and evidenced based.
Continual professional development is a way of life and much time is spent updating on courses, reading and meeting with other professionals