Just a Little Jog in Vietnam

Just a Little Jog in Vietnam

Running is something that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. People run for many different reasons over all types of terrain and in all weathers. I just run longer than most. I am, what is now termed, an Ultra- Runner. The definition being any distance over a marathon.  Having said that I’ll enjoy any type of run and race whether it’s my local park run or a run with friends.

The later half of 2018 was all change for me. I moved back to Devon and started work as a self employed physio. My running got a bit pushed sideways and squeezed as the year closed but for 2019 things are looking up.

I have just completed the first race of the year where I ran 70km through the Vietnamese mountains.

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful and I wrote a blog on it if you’re interested to read more.

The rest of the year looks like this:

  • Bordeaux Marathon 42km, France, April
  • Tengri ultra trail 70km, Kazakhstan, May
  • Olympus 65km, Greece, June
  • Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100km, Russia, July
  • Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 170km, France/ Italy/ Switzerland, August
  • Cappadocia ultra trail 65km, Turkey, October
  • The New York marathon 42km (in lottery), November.

Completion of these and all the appropriate training would be a dream but somewhere in there will be an injury or two. I say this out-loud but inside I’m praying it won’t be so! I realise I should know better but listening to my own advice is often difficult. I, like everyone else, ignores those niggles until they become more persistent and alter training plans. So as you prepare for 2019 and any goals you have, whatever your level or sport, don’t put off looking after yourself. Good luck!

Jo Meek

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