Environmentally Conscious and Carbon Literacy Certification

Environmentally Conscious and Carbon Literacy Certification

The team at Ocean Physio & Rehab have been taking steps to understand and reduce our environmental impact.

These include calculating and reducing our Carbon footprint.

We have implemented several changes including:

Using Environmentally Conscious Rehab products from https://movewelluk.com use the code OCEAN10 for 10% discount

Cycling/walking/running to work when possible.

Minimising single use plastic.

Using only recycled paper for couch roll and stationary.

Using environmentally conscious clothing for classes.

We were also very pleased to receive our Carbon Literacy Certificate following a two day training course with the Carbon Literacy Trust.

Healthcare is responsible for 5% of the UK’s carbon footprint and we are determined to reduce our impact.

We will be working towards further steps in the future.